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60 years PEHN Bootsbau - A success story

PEHN Bootsbau Vision

Since 1957 we have been building boats with electric drive. What has proved to be an ecological and energy policy right now has always been the company's philosophy.

Our goal is simple: to drive as long as possible with little energy.

This requires a slim boat body and a highly efficient electric motor with modern battery and charging technology. The coordination of the components and the design of the boats is the real masterpiece.

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60 years PEHN Bootsbau - A success story

Our success in recent decades is characterized by the quality of our products. Our elegant, reliable and clean electric boats are mainly used on inland lakes in Europe, but also near the coast.

PEHN boats are synonymous with tradition, quality and elegance in boatbuilding. The company produces its own electric boat series mainly for the inland lakes and also as a day cruiser for the sea.

For more than 40 years, PEHN Bootsbau has been cooperating with C.N.A. From Italy in the construction of pedal boats, sailing boats, catamarans and canoes. Pehn Bootsbau offers boat overwintering, engine and yachtservice and repairs."